Gardenia Jasminoides with pot (+20 Pot Option)

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Gardenia is a genus of flowering plants in the coffee family, Rubiaceae, native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Asia, Madagascar and Pacific Islands, and Australia. The genus was named by Carl Linnaeus and John Ellis after Alexander Garden, a Scottish-born American naturalist.
OrderMadder family


“First Love” is a specific cultivar of the Gardenia jasminoides species, commonly known as Gardenia. Gardenias are prized for their fragrant, creamy-white flowers and glossy, dark green leaves, making them popular choices for gardens, landscapes, and indoor spaces. “First Love” is a particular cultivar known for its exceptional fragrance, compact growth habit, and prolific blooming. Here are some key features of Gardenia “First Love”:

  1. Fragrance: Gardenia “First Love” is renowned for its intoxicatingly sweet and intense fragrance. The flowers emit a scent that is often described as reminiscent of jasmine or orange blossoms, adding a delightful aroma to gardens and indoor spaces.
  2. Flowers: Like other Gardenia varieties, “First Love” produces beautiful, creamy-white flowers with multiple overlapping petals. The flowers are typically large and showy, making them highly attractive to both humans and pollinators.
  3. Blooming: “First Love” is known for its prolific blooming habit, with flowers appearing throughout the growing season under optimal conditions. This cultivar tends to bloom more abundantly compared to some other Gardenia varieties, providing a longer-lasting display of flowers.
  4. Growth Habit: “First Love” typically has a compact growth habit, making it suitable for smaller gardens, containers, or indoor cultivation. It can reach a height of around 3 to 4 feet (about 0.9 to 1.2 meters) and a similar spread, depending on growing conditions and pruning.
  5. Care Requirements: Gardenia “First Love” requires specific care to thrive. It prefers acidic, well-draining soil with regular watering to keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. It also benefits from regular feeding with a fertilizer formulated for acid-loving plants. Additionally, “First Love” prefers partial shade to filtered sunlight, as intense sunlight can scorch its leaves.
  6. Temperature and Climate: Gardenias, including “First Love,” thrive in warm, humid climates. They are sensitive to cold temperatures and frost, so they are often grown as houseplants or in regions with mild winters. In colder climates, they may be grown outdoors in containers during the summer months and brought indoors during the colder seasons.

Overall, Gardenia “First Love” is a beautiful and fragrant cultivar that adds elegance and charm to gardens, landscapes, and indoor spaces. With proper care, it can reward growers with abundant blooms and delightful fragrance throughout the growing season.

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